Our mission

To make the world's best, most innovative, and sustainable food & beverage products accessible to everyone everywhere.

What we're building

Vegshelf is a curated B2B marketplace where European grocers go to discover, meet, and order from the most innovative and sustainable food & beverage brands on the planet. By streamlining product discovery, ordering, and payments, Vegshelf makes it the easiest way for up-and-coming brands to get their products on the shelves of independent stores and other sales channels such as gyms, events, coffee shops, and pop-up stores.

Our investors & supporters
Digitale Wirtschaft
EIT Food
YTILI - Young Transatlantic Innovation Leaders Initiative Fellowship Program
German Marshall Fund of the United States
Starbuzz Accelerator
Verband für Alternative Proteinquellen e.V. - BALPRO
FoodHub NRW
Meet the founders
Vegshelf was founded by two best friends, Baiba and Marcis, who met 8 years ago and since then have worked in 4 different countries and built startups together.

It's a story of two total foodies dissatisfied with the limited accessibility and lack of diversity of sustainable food in stores, and obsessed with changing it.

Plus, both having grown up in family businesses, it's no surprise they were eager to create a company that powers independent businesses - food brands, wholesalers, and store owners - all while making great food accessible to end-consumers.
Vegshelf founders - Baiba Soika and Marcis Lakstigala
Baiba Soika - CEO and Co-founder of Vegshelf
Baiba Soika
Co-founder & CEO
Grew up in family’s agriculture business. As a kid was fascinated by all the new and beautifully packaged foods her grandfather brought back from his world travels.

Over the last 10+ years has worked with multiple emerging food brands bringing them to new markets and connecting with retailers across Europe.
“The future of food is sustainable, tasty 👅 and technology-driven, and will be brought to us by food innovators, the ones challenging the status quo, and independent stores, extremely resilient and embedded in local communities. With Vegshelf we’re doing just that and bringing this future closer.”
Marcis Lakstigala - CTO and Co-founder of Vegshelf
Marcis Lakstigala
Co-founder & CTO
As a kid dreamt of becoming a baker and scientist. At 20 moved to UK to study engineering.

Over the last 7 years has developed successful career in the field of technology, enabling him to live in 3 different countries and learning about the impact of climate change across the world.
“At Vegshelf we’re all about small businesses. We power them with tools and technology usually available to large players, so that sustainable products land in more consumer hands, brands grow 🌱 and stores gain back their competitive edge by offering products that meet ever-changing consumer taste.”
Media & Awards
Foodhack - Global Community for Food Innovators
FoodTech 500 by Forward Fooding
Gruenden NRW Podcast by Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Industrie, Klimaschutz und Energie des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen
The Food Fight Podcast by EIT Food