Vegshelf - Bringing food & beverage wholesale into digital age

Vegshelf is an exclusive community and curated wholesale marketplace where local & independent European retailers discover, meet and order from the best emerging food & beverage brands on the planet. By streamlining product discovery, ordering and payment process, Vegshelf makes it the easiest way for up-and-coming brands to get their product on the shelves of independent stores and other alternative (oftentimes unimaginable) sales channels such as gyms, events, coffee-shops, and pop-up stores.

It’s not enough for food to be good for humans, animals, and the planet. We believe in future of food that is delicious, independent, and technology-driven, brought to us by food innovators - the ones challenging the status quo, - and independent stores, extremely resilient and embedded in local communities. And, when they’re powered with tools and technology usually available to large players, that's when the magic happens: products land in more consumer hands, brands grow, and stores gain back their competitive edge by offering unique shopper experience.

Germany-based, but internationally-minded, Vegshelf is formed by an international team of engineers, product designers and foodies at heart. Obsession with marketplaces, technology, great food brands and entrepreneurship is what drives us at Vegshelf. We’re on the mission to bring food & beverage wholesale into a digital age, and starting with European specialty food & beverage brands and independent stores.

Founding story

It’s year 2018. After spending months in Japan, Baiba and Marcis return back to Europe and due to growing concerns about food’s impact on the planet, both decide to ditch the meat and dairy, as one would say - to go vegan. 😱 Only to realize that their local food stores, restaurants, and favourite coffee shops do not offer any of that. After few conversations with food brands and stores, founders learn that the problem is big, beyond vegan, and ripe to be solved.

Many sleepless nights (and gallons of coffee) later, the first users are onboarded on a scrappy version of a B2B platform. Soon after, first team members and investors join them on the mission - to bring the best emerging food brands into the hands of people (yup, the likes of vegan chicken nugget brand you follow on Instagram but cannot find in your local store - we’re working on it!).

Thanks to team’s background in engineering, digital product design, wholesale, and entrepreneurship, today Vegshelf is the first B2B marketplace where local & independent European retailers discover, meet and order the best emerging food & beverage products on the planet. With low minimum order quantities, free shipping from 250€, and zero commission on orders, Vegshelf makes it the easiest way for local stores to transact with up-and-coming food brands that customers love.

Investors, awards & supporters